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Some of the Most Popular Jordan Shoes of All Time

Air Jordan I Shoe

The Air Jordan I Shoe

Even though the Air Jordan 1 was made back in 1985, these are still some of the most sought after shoes ever conceived by man. These were the shoes that were banned by the NBA because of the colors, but some wonder if this was a genius plot by Nike to bring some attention to the shoes that would soon become a legacy in basketball footwear. The Air Jordan One's have been retroed and everytime they go on sale there is a massive rush to the mall, but you can still get some of the most rare Air Jordan I shoes here at Buy Jordan

air jordan 11 shoes on sale

The Air Jordan 11 Shoes

The Jordan 11's are always a hot item when they are retroed and hit the shelves. These sneakers were inspired by (oddly enough) a pair of tuxedo shoes and air super light, being one of the lightest Air Jordan shoes ever made. These were the first J's to have a carbon fiber spring plate too. At first they did not sell well and people thought that Michael had lost his edge, but when the Bulls started "owning" the court again stores could not sell this shoe fast enough and they are now one of the most popular Jordans of all time.

air jordan 5The Air Jordan 5 Shoe

The Jordan V has also seen a huge amount of sales as this was the shoe Michael was wearing in 1990 when he scored 69 points in one game against Cleveland. The entire season Jordan was hot. This shoe took on a whole new style and design from the previous J's and was supposedly inspired by a World War II fighter plane. The AJ 5 has also been retroed a few times and always sell extremely fast.

Air Jordan I (1)

Air Jordan II(2)

Air Jordan III (3)

Air Jordan IV (4)

Air Jordan V (5)

Air Jordan VI (6)

Air Jordan VII (7)

Air Jordan VIII (8)

Air Jordan IX (9)

Air Jordan X (10)

Air Jordan XI (11)

Air Jordan XII (12)

Air Jordan XIII (13)

Air Jordan XIV (14)

Air Jordan XV (15)

Air Jordan XVI (16)

Air Jordan XVII (17)

Air Jordan XVIII (18)

Air Jordan XIX (19)

Air Jordan XX (20)

Air Jordan XXI (21)

Air Jordan XXII (22)

Air Jordan XXIII (23)

Other Jordan Shoes

Nike embodies a universal acknowledged gym shoe brand, the best-selling line of Nike shoes is the Air Jordan Shoe. As you may recognize, this particular brand name of sneakers was fashioned for Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball game players in basketball history, this brand name was such a favorite that Nike had to make a branch which would address everything associated with the Air Jordan shoes.

This brand name was produced in 1984 and there have represented many releases each year, even later Michael Jordan retired from professional hoops, due to their fame embodies a gym shoe which is bought by individual accumulators will adopt basketball game associated memorabilia. The Air Jordan shoes are categorized concording to the year they were brought out to the marketplace and by their specific model, which deviate from samplings, originals also named to as Air Jordan Retros.

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Also, the Jordan brand also makes a line of team sneakers which have zero in common with the Air Jordan models but are just as favorite. When it refers to the Air Jordan shoes, one key signature pattern is introduced annually however, it is contrary from the former designing since the colorings and the theme have been altered.

Incoming order to produce an effective demand and hold the value of the sneaker as high as imaginable, the branch of Nike which is appointed to bringing out fresh Air Jordan shoes declares a particular day of the month which will be set for dispersion of this particular line, this assures that the shoes will however be cherished by basketball game sports fans who enjoy the retro designing of the sneaker.

Since its primary departure there have been twenty-three Air Jordan models put in the marketplace, the names of each fashion model only deviate by a numerate which is applied to the sneaker in order to constitute the succession of the release. In 1985 the Air Jordan the first was believed a discovery in basketball though it was afterwards developed with a fresh line known as the Nike dunk which was designated for college basketball games, it was not till the 3rd release that the Air Jordan shoes boasted the jumpman logo, this version of the shoe was the foundation of Nike's most booming advertisement effort.

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